The Jupiter Project

Background information

Dear visitor,

This is the showcase of  my Creative Project (part of the MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred). I have chosen to learn more about the symbolism of God and planet Jupiter. This webpage presents a selection of fragments from my personal and dream diary, accounts of activities, creative products, et cetera.The last post contains my reflections on the experiences I have had in this project.



  • I am not strongly connecting to the planet, at least not in a conscious way (more with the opposite planet Saturn).
  • I want to learn more about the symbolism of Jupiter and discover whether it is possible to make this symbolism a more living and conscious reality in my life
  • I want to learn about how symbolic realities are created and its relation with consciousness, will power, trust etc.
  • Learn more about the symbolism of Jupiter (in an experiental way) – becoming aware of how jupiterian realities look like
  • Investigate how (these Jupiterian) symbolic realities are created and what my role is in this process, how does the connection work between me and the symbolism? (consciousness, attention, will power, receptiveness)
  • Learn about unconscious magic in creating realities and how that works in my life (saturnian side?)
  • Find out about different magical methodologies and how they work

How investigate/

concrete activities

Number of symbolical/creative activities using different modes to connect to jupiterian symbolism (cognitive, materialistic, imaginative, meditative, magical; combined

  • Reading on Jupiter/Zeus mythology and symbolism and on (astral) magic
  • Make a jupiterian talisman  and/or
  • Sketch/paint jupiterian symbols that I come across
  • Perform a ritual honouring Jupiter
  • Preparing a copious Jupiterian dinner (cooking jupiterian food, inviting friends and talk about jupiterian issues
  • Short trip to jupiterian place, of which i will take pictures
  • Studying astrological charts
  • Meditation on jupiter symbol




Jupiter in my birthchart

ben birthchart

Jupiter is in Aries in the second house, closely squaring the Ascendent (birthtime is probably rounded off), closely inconjunct Neptune in 9/10, sextile Mercury in 1, and (widely) conjunct Venus. Mars, ruler of Aries (and therefore Jupiter) is in Pisces in the first house, closely conjunct the Sun (combust or cazimi*).

* Depending on interpratation, the ruler of Jupiter is placed either very strong or very weak. My personal experience is that combustion best describes this planet (invisible force).

The immediate presence of Jupiter

During class (27-9-2015, around 11:30 AM), preparing for the CP, I remembered the idea I had some time ago about connecting myself in a more conscious way with Jupiter. I instantly realized this was a ‘great’ angle for my CP. Immediately all kinds of ideas started coming and I couldn’t stop writing. I got all excited, optimistic, hopefull and enthousiastic. All Jupiter qualities that manifested in the very moment.













Transits Idea for Jupiter project

Drawing Jupiter – 1

Somewhere last year I rediscovered crayons. The joy of working with it was great. Therefore depicting Jupiter with this material was one of the things to look forward to. Finding the right crayons (the ones you can use dry and wet) turned out to be a bit of a hassle. It took me 3 bad buys before I found the proper ones (they were more expensive;-). This is the first drawing that came out. (Pay attention: I’m not a painter!)



Jupiter is everywhere

In the beginning Jupiter suddenly ‘appeared’ everywhere. A few examples.

Around the time I came up with the idea for this project I changed the screen saver of my pc to this leaded glass image by Edward Burne-Jones. I wondered about the symbolism of St John and the eagle, but couldn’t find a ‘satisfying story’. A few months later I suddenly realized the Jupiter-connection with the eagle. I just didn’t see it before.



In this case it was hard to miss…


Later that afternoon I discovered this little paradise: a small cloister garden with a heavenly atmosphere and huge old trees (I can’t remember what they were; didn’t take pictures of them). There’s a path going round that is used by the monks for a ritual prayer.


Preparing for essay 4 I decided to move my studies to a nearby public library. While reading about channeling it suddenly dawned on me…a library…isn’t that…? I guess it is.


Two or three months later. I was struggling with my idea of going somewhere to experience Jupiter. Many ideas had passed, but somehow I couldn’t decide on a proper location. On a sunday a friend asked me to join him on a visit to a cloister near where he lives. It turned out to be a cloister ‘quarter’ with three cloisters next to each other (calles the ‘Scared Trinagle’). They all offer retreats. In the third cloister, in a church, I saw an announcement for a retreat weekend. I realized that what I had been doing for some time, being on my own and studying (MA-related stuff), was also very much of the nature of Jupiter, as was this visit of course. The first picture shows the mystical light on the chairs in a room in the second cloister. The second picture is of the church of the third cloister.




Liquid light frequencies on my birthchart

From the website Healing arts:

“The active ingredient is the light vibration that is stored in the fluid of the Healing Arts Frequencies. They consist of water and brandy as conservation agent. The light vibration of a Healing Arts bottle activates light as source of healing and works on the subtle bodies, the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. These regulate the physical body. At a subtle level we consist of series of light energies in many colors and vibrational frequencies. Light is a carrier of consciousness.”

Coco, a fellow astrologer works with these fluids and had ‘brewed’ one herself: ‘Astralia’. I used that one to drip on my birthchart to invoke Jupiter and ask for more knowledge/insights into my personal affairs and the affairs of the world (picture was taken after some time, but you can still see where the drops wetted the paper; first I dripped on Jupiter than on the MC/above the MC).I visualized an expanding world going through layers of consciousness.


When I took the bottle in my hands, my first inclination was to hide myself from the group I was in. But the only ‘hiding place’ in the room was already taken. Then I felt a strong need to move myself to a very central place on a stage and perform the ritual there. It felt very ackward and I had to close my eyes to be able to continue. After a minute or so (and still having my eyes closed) this feeling disappeared. The urge to stay there was stronger than the urge to hide myself, but it was definitely an inner ‘fight’. The thought that came up was: “enjoy the tranquility of your life, you cannot make mistakes.”


Two crucial attributes of Jupiter


(A database with 1700 images of Jupiter.)

  • the eagle (nature of air, lifting from the earth to the higher realms)
    • the king of birds, ruler of the sky, able to fly at high altitudes, apotheosis, the elevation of man to God
    • divination, prophecies
    • victory in a battle
  • the thunderbolt (nature of fire, thrown down from the air to the earth)
    • divine fire, powerful will, a spear/weapon, hurling movement, electrical discharge
    • dual nature: purging ánd poisoning power



Dreams of buses

In my birthchart Jupiter is connected to issues related to connecting, social contacts and relationships. These issues became quite prominent in this period. I noticed I dreamt more than once on travelling by bus (social aspect of journey). One dream I didn’t record, the other two are reproduced here.(I routinely record my dreams, I discovered the bus theme after replaying the recordings of the last few months.)


First dream (31-12-2014)

I’m on my way to a TV-studio in Belgium. When I arrive there (by car), it turns out I have to travel to another studio (on a bus). This takes me through the countryside. I”m not sitting in the bus, but on the roof (in the front). The other passengers are also seated on the roof, but in the rear. The road goes very steep uphill, and I’m afraid to fall off. I really have to hold on tight.I realize in the dream that is not the first time I experience this. Looking behind me I suddenly see that people are also sitting IN the bus. That seems more comfortable to me, so at the next stop I get into the bus.

While travelling I’m barefooted, my feet have turned quite dirty.Then we arrive at the second studio, it is not announced, but I know we’re there. The second studio looks exactly like the first, only the location is different. I don’t really know the area, but it looks vaguely familiar (I’ve been there before). I’m packing my stuff to get of the bus and then I realize it’s hard to find everything and I also discover I have forgotten to take my backpack along. so I’m missing all my stuff, most of all my neat outfit for the TV-show, I’m wearing old worn off clothes. I also miss my wallet.


Second dream (25-1-2015)

I’m travelling on a bus. I’ve done this trip before, but I also realize it’s a bit different now. Last time I did this trip (somewhere abroad) I was sitting in the front. Now I’m sitting in the back, behind a really big guy, I don’t have a lot of space to myself, I’m sort of stuck there. There’s also sitting somebody next to me, but he is not bothering me. On the other side of the aisle are empty spaces, but I decide not to leave my seat and sit there.

The bus goes very steeply downhill. At some points it is so steep that the bus doesn’t touch the road anymore. I feel scared. When we arrive at the bottom of the hill, the bus takes a sharp left. On our right side is the sea and an abyss (again). I keep my eyes closed because I’m scared of it. Without noticing it I’m squeezing the t-shirt of the guy in front of me.(a fear reaction)..


Saturn interfering?

For quite some time I felt totally blocked and wasn’t able to connect myself to the ‘energy’ of Jupiter. As if Saturn wanted to let me know: “I’m still around!” During this time I felt very drained, tired and apathetic, and I experienced a strong absence of ‘meaning’. In many ways Saturn seemed much more around than Jupiter. The theme of ending things and not yet seeing new beginnings was also very present. In a literal sense: a very dear collegue/friend got sick and died in this period, as did my dog Fleurtje. I felt a strong connection with both. However, the feeling of becoming disconnected (from material life, from people around me) was broader than this loss.



Drawing Jupiter – 2

This one was made without a specific image in mind. I sat down, reflected on Jupiter, and started drawing. To me it is something between a tree and a butterfly. While drawing there was an issue with balance. I felt the right side was not supported enough, hence the supporting construction.


Jupiter ritual

Jupiter Ritual

4 april 2015


  • Welcome
  • Opening – Creating the sacred space
  • Silent meditation on (self chosen) symbol
  • Pronouncing and exchanging Jupiterian experiences
  • Intuitive drawing of gift to Jupiter
  • Short break
  • Offer ritual: and invoking Jupiter
  • Silent concluding meditation

Drink and refreshments

programma jupiter ritual


jupiter ritual chart

Invoking Jupiter

(Based on A. Crowley, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn)

Face the direction of Jupiter at the place and hour appointed, and sound a battery of four knocks (four being the number of Jupiter).

O my God! One is Thy Beginning! One is Thy Spirit, and Thy Permutation One! Thou has appeared unto me as a jocund and ruddy God, full of Majesty, a King, a Father in his prime. Thou didst bear the sceptre of the Universe, crowned with the Wheel of the Spirit. ARARITA:

“One is His Beginning; One is His Individuality; His Permutation is One.”

Draw the proper hexagram (Jupiter)

Having drawn the proper hexagram, proceed to an invocation of Jupiter.

Come, O JOVE, on Thee I call! JOVE! JOVE!
I call the mighty, holy splendid light,
Aerial, dreadful-sounding, fiery-bright;
Flaming, aerial-light, with angry voice,
Lightning thro’ lucid clouds with horrid noise.
Untam’d, to whom resentments dire belong,
Pure, holy pow’r all-parent, great and strong:
Come, and benevolent these rite attend,
And aid my will to realize its end.

Closure: draw the proper hexagram





In classical magical practice a Jupiter ritual would be performed on the day and the hour of the planet, the first or nineth hour.of thursday. For practical reasons I wasn’t able to plan the ritual on such a day. I also decided to ‘go with the flow’ and not try to ffind and fix ‘the right date and time’, trusting Jupiter would provide me with whatever was needed. After I set the date and time (eastern Saturday), I drew up the chart for the event. Apart from the very prominent Jupiter placement on the Ascendant, the chart turned out to be coloured by a strong nineth principle, sun and chart ruler in the nineth house, stellium of planets in the nineth house. Also very prominent is the strong t-square of pluto with uranus and the moon (in which two other angles, MC and IC, are involved as well). Also there’s a grand trine between mercury, saturn and the Ascendant.

I invited my astrological friends. Of the twenty something people who were invited, one actually turned up. So it was a session of two. The ritual was conducted but there were also deviations from the program. Looking back there were some clear jupiterian aspects to the experience itself. For example the fact that it lasted twice as long as planned (6 hours). The other person who was present was a novice in astrology, during the session I explained many things to her about astrology and her personal birth chart.

After the event I ‘discovered’ it had taken place during an eclipsed moon.

The retrospective recognition of symbolism

One of the reasons I chose to do this project is that I don’t experience Jupiter strongly in my daily life. The project showed me on many occassions that Jupiter was very often around without me noticing it (because I wasn’t aware of the symbolism). Later I would discover the ‘hidden’ symbolism in these experiences. The retrospective recognition often felt quite profound.

A few examples I remember and/or have written down:

  • Just before or around the time I started thinking of this project I installed a new screensaver  on my desktop pc. It is a (stained glass) painting of Edward Burne-Jones of John the Baptist and the Eagle. I was not aware of the Jupiterian symbolism present in this painting at the time.
  • The visitor to the Jupiter ritual brought along almonds and raisins. We were both unaware of the (possible) jupiterian rulership over these two products at the time.
  • This spring I have been quite ‘obsessed’ and busy with my new garden (I’m a novice in gardening) and with a specific part of it: I’ve been thinking a lot about the Ivy I wanted to plant. In the end I have chosen for fast growing hedera (common ivy) and Tuscan Jasmine (Tuscany, I later discovered, is ruled by Sagittarius). I later realized ivy is (probably) ruled by Jupiter (plants growing towards heaven). Fast growing ivy and Ivory ‘from Tuscany’ even more so, I guess.
  • The most striking example is the Hydrangea Quercifolia talisman, on which I have posted a seperate entry




The myth and me

In mythology Cronus (saturn) castrated his father Ouranos (Uranus) and took over rulership. But it was predicted that one of his sons would overthrow his rulership in turn. To prevent this, Cronus swallowed all his children. By a ruse of his mother his youngest son Zeus (Jupiter) escapes this fate (he grows up in a cave). Later in life, with the help of his first wife Metis, Zeus forces his father to disgorge the stone he believed was Zeus and all his swallowed children (by giving him a vomitive). Together with his brothers (Poseidon/Neptune, Hades/Pluto) he then cuts Cronus into pieces and throws him in the worst part of the underworld, the Tartarus.

It was not after I read a text of astrologer Liz Greene (The Jupiter/Saturn Conference Lectures; Greene & Arroyo 1984:190-208) that I was able to connect to this symbolism. She speaks of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in terms of the death of the old king (Saturn) and the birth of a new one (Jupiter). She describes this as a process in which there is a state of temporary confusion (the old king has gone and the new is yet to establish himself. I clearly recongnized this image although my birthchart does not contain this conjunction. I recognized the old ruler Saturn (the austere father in me), the image of Jupiter in the cave (hiding from me? the invisible qualities of Jupiter in my life), the ‘fight’ between them (Saturn still ruling?). All these questions came up, most importantly: what is this project about? Is Jupiter trying to get out of the cave? Is he strong enough yet? Or is he already ruling and am I hearing Saturn’s cries from the underworld all the time? Anyway, the transition from a Saturnian ruled reality to a Jupiterian ruled reality -or the wish for a more shared rulership- is deeply felt in this period.

I decided to meditate on it and ask Jupiter about (recognizing) his presence in my life and his relationship with Saturn.

The Sequoiadendron Talisman

In another post I have written about the hidden presence of Jupiter in my life and gave some examples of retrospective recognition.The most staggering example has to do with two gifts I received shortly after the idea of this project had taken shape (the giver had no knowlegde of this project at the time). I never related one to the other until I was writing the previous post.

Somewhere in october/november of last year I received two gifts from a friend I know from astrology. Firstly, she gave me a plant for my new garden. After it had been standing outside for a while (and almost died), I decided to put it in the ground properly. A few weeks ago I relocated this plant in my garden. Now it is starting to grow. It is a so called Hydrangea Quercifolia (oakleaf hydrangea), a plant with a mix of venusian (hydrangea) and jupiterian (oakleaf) qualities. Along with this plant came a short esoterical description that I rediscovered this morning (that’s how I found out about what kind of plant this is, I had totally forgotten about it). The description reads: “The Hydrangea Quercifolia or Oakleaf Hydrangea is a connector. It is a plant that helps you to connect or restore the connection between nature and people.”  The combination of jupiter and venus in this plant is in my birthchart as well: jupiter conjunct venus in Aries. The ‘connecting theme’ has also been fiercely around these last few months (also see the post I have written on the ‘bus dreams’).

The second gift was a talisman, made from a disk of a young Sequoiadendron Gigantum tree, also known as the Giant Sequoia tree. This is without a doubt the most Jupiterian tree of all. It is the single largest tree on the planet. The biggest ever was almost 100 meters tall. At the time I received the gift I had read the description, but never related it to Jupiter and to this project. (The description reads: “The disk of the Sequoia dendron helps you to strenghten the Christ energy, hart energy, in your life.”) The talisman went into my pocket, was on a drawer in my bedroom, on the table of my living room, never far away. While making the plan for this project I thought of making a Jupiterian talisman, but somehow I never succeeded in doing this. I felt blocked all the time. After rediscovering the description, I realized this was the talisman  I was looking for all the time. It came as a gift (how Jupiterian) and I didn’t see its proper qualities. After learning about the symbolism of the Sequoia tree, all sorts of doors opened in my mind. My jupiter local space line which runs exactly  over the area where these trees grow (and where I have been in the past and felt incredibly well), the saturnian quality of the tree (they grow very old as well, my strong saturn in the birthchart)), the heart image (I did one or two visualizations/meditations on opening the heart shortly after I received ths gift). Et cetera. The longer I kept going, the more I found. All in all, the discovery felt highly revealing and meaningfull.




Dining the Jupiterian way

I invited three friends (not astrologers) for a dinner to discuss the things of life connected to Jupiter  (later I discovered that according to many 3 is the jupiterian number (synthesis). Compare this to the Crowley ritual, which speaks of 4 as the number of Jupiter). Because my knowledge of cooking and jupiterian symbolism are both limited, I chose to cooke a meal with a focus on some important Jupiterian constituents in every course. I mainly used William Lilly’s text on Jupiterian rulerships (in ‘Christian Astrology’).

The ingredients of which I presume are Jupiterian are italicized, mostly the spices.(In general mildly hot and sweet flavours, in combination part of many mediterrenean, North African and Middle East dishes, seem to fit best)


  • raisins and almonds
  • olives
  • wheat bread with (sea salt) butter
  • grapes







Entree – Topped tomatoes, moderately heated in the oven

  • Tomatoes topped with
  • basil
  • tuna
  • capers
  • red onion
  • mozzarella
  • salt & pepper
  • moderately heated in the oven


IMG_2940Main course – Moroccan vegetable stew with couscous, falafel on the side

  • Stew consists of
    • aubergine
    • eschalots
    • courgette
    • olive oil
    • cinnamon
    • cumin (djinten)
    • pureed tomatoes
    • dates
    • cherry tomatoes
    • chickpeas
  • Stew was topped with
    • almonds
    • fresh mint

IMG_2944Desert – Strawberries with balsamico

  •  vanilla ice cream with
  • strawberries
  • topped with
    • roasted (chopped) pistachio nuts, marinated in a mixture of
    • honey and
    • balsamico vinegar
    • fresh mint

The white and red wines selected were not very dry, and kind of sweet, they came from wine castles in Southern France (castles were on the labels of the bottles).

The atmosphere and conversation were distinctly Jupiterian.

The oaktree forest

One of my plans was a to make a trip to a Jupiterian place and make pictures there, but I couldn’t decide on the location. Then I discovered this oaktree (=jupiter) forest very close to my new home. It is part of an old estate. What I like about the trees here is their ‘wild’ quality. Apparently they are not pruned down. The still bare branches reaching to the sky made me think of Jupiter’s thunderbolt. The place has a lovely atmosphere: old and wild.

IMG_3454 IMG_3459 IMG_3468 IMG_3473 IMG_3479 IMG_3483 IMG_3497 IMG_3522 IMG_3530 IMG_3538 IMG_3542 IMG_3545 IMG_3556 IMG_3558 IMG_3567 IMG_3588 IMG_3596 IMG_3612


Hidden magic

Image Copyright 2002, Nigel JacksonMy plan was to use magical practice as a tool to connect to Jupiter. I read some Renaissance magical texts (such as the Picatrix, Agrippa’s ‘Three books on occult philosphy’, Ficino’s astral magic in DVCC) and more recent texts such as Aleister Crowley’s magic and some more. Somehow I wasn’t able to connect to this material. Partly because of all the rules involved (they turn me off) and the nature of these rules (in older texts animals have to be slaughtered, blood has to be used, etc.) In the ritual I performed, I used some ‘prescribed rules’, but there was not a strong inner connection.

(In retrospect) part of my ‘resistance’ against these kind of (rule driven) magical practices is my idea that these rituals are like the rituals I know from church experiences in the past: the mutal characteristic being the crystallization of something that should be able to flow. I belief that underlying these rituals something else may be going on that is more important in understanding the working of magical practice, something that is very close to everyday experience: the attunement of the human spirit or soul. If we are unaware of this attunement, it will rule our life from the unseen depths. If we gain consciousness over it, we become able to play with it. I had an important experience in this respect.

Just after I had started this project I told somebody about it and about my interest in the working of magic to invoke Jupiterian qualities in my life. This person responded by saying that the oppositie qualities that I was clearly experiencing, were obviously already the result of some hidden magic in me. I immediately felt the great importance of this remark. By invoking Jupiterian qualities I am somehow confirming the opposite (saturnian) reality that is also a result of a ‘magical’ practice, in this case unconsciously performed. I forgot about this conversation until I reread my notes of this project. Looking back it explains something of the saturnian realities that have been around while invoking Jupiter. The fact that they have come to the surface in such a powerful way, has helped me to become more aware of the underlying processes. The paradox being that Jupiter helped me to get a better look at Saturn.

The Astro-constellation

AE ABOn 19 April 2015 the Jupiter-project was presented in Canterbury, by performing an astrological constellation. This is based on the methodology of systemic or family constellations, developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger (Cohen 2006). The starting point in a family constellation is a person (a seeker) who has a question about an unresolved family issue. The facilitator seeks participants to represent family members and the seeker places them in a space (and sometimes participates as well). The participants will then experience and (re)create the family situation of the seeker (without having any knowledge of the person and the system they are representing). The constellation can lead to more awareness for the seeker and it can also be used to solve the matter at hand (symbolically). The process works both ways: the participants are not only an instrument in illuminating and solving the seeker’s issue, they will also have a meaningful and potentially revealing experience relating to their own life. In the astrological constellation I used three volunteers, one representing me, the others representing ‘my’ Saturn and ‘my’ Jupiter. I set up and facilitated the constellation myself.

Finally: learning from the experience

The Jupiter-project provided me with a few very important experiences, on which I have written an essay. Click on the link below to read this essay.


The Jupiter project was set up to experientially investigate the symbolism of Jupiter by connecting myself in different ways to this planet. To this end a range of creative, imaginal, symbolical and cognitive activities was carried out. The webpage shows these activities and the products that came out of it. In this essay the background, set up and main results of the project are described. The results are theoretically reviewed. De dynamic between Jupiter and Saturn is discussed in the light of Jung’s concept of enantiodromia. The nature of the connection to Jupiter is discussed, particularly the role of transpersonal consciousness in experiencing the symbolism coming to life. Spangler’s ideas on personal and pure (soul) will are used to explain the different ways in which the connection is established. It is concluded that pure will opens up the possibility of a vivid connection to the symbolism. Personal will seems to work in the opposite direction: it closes the gateway to this experience.

Link to essay: The Jupiter Project – Investigating Ways to Connect to the Symbolism of Planet Jupiter