We leven in een bijzondere tijd. Voor velen ook een lastige tijd. Het is belangrijk dat we ons blijven verbinden met het goede, het mooie en het wezenlijke. Er zijn genoeg krachten om ons heen die een andere kant op werken. Om mezelf daarin te ondersteunen heb ik op zaterdag 4 april, een symbolische dag tussen dood en opstanding, een jupiter-ritueel uitgevoerd.

Jupiter, koning van de Goden, is een spirituele kracht bij uitstek. Hij verbindt ons met de betekenis die schuilgaat achter de facade van het dagelijks bestaan en heft de beperkingen op die we daarin tegenkomen. Als we hiermee verbinding maken, voelen of weten we ons onmiddellijk gevoed door een vreugdevolle kracht, een kracht die letterlijk en figuurlijk een ander, beter, mooier en wijzer licht werpt op datgene wat ons omringt, en daarin vooral de zaken die ons belasten. The best things in life are for free: onszelf verbinden met jupiter is gratis.

Onderstaande is overgenomen uit een een blog dat ik heb gemaakt in het kader van mijn opleiding. (zie posts over Jupiter-project)


Jupiter Ritual

4 april 2015


  • Welcome
  • Opening – Creating the sacred space
  • Silent meditation on (self chosen) symbol
  • Pronouncing and exchanging Jupiterian experiences
  • Intuitive drawing of gift to Jupiter
  • Short break
  • Offer ritual: and invoking Jupiter
  • Silent concluding meditation

Drink and refreshments

programma jupiter ritual


jupiter ritual chart

Invoking Jupiter

(Based on A. Crowley, Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn)

Face the direction of Jupiter at the place and hour appointed, and sound a battery of four knocks (four being the number of Jupiter).

O my God! One is Thy Beginning! One is Thy Spirit, and Thy Permutation One! Thou has appeared unto me as a jocund and ruddy God, full of Majesty, a King, a Father in his prime. Thou didst bear the sceptre of the Universe, crowned with the Wheel of the Spirit. ARARITA:

“One is His Beginning; One is His Individuality; His Permutation is One.”

Draw the proper hexagram (Jupiter)

Having drawn the proper hexagram, proceed to an invocation of Jupiter.

Come, O JOVE, on Thee I call! JOVE! JOVE!
I call the mighty, holy splendid light,
Aerial, dreadful-sounding, fiery-bright;
Flaming, aerial-light, with angry voice,
Lightning thro’ lucid clouds with horrid noise.
Untam’d, to whom resentments dire belong,
Pure, holy pow’r all-parent, great and strong:
Come, and benevolent these rite attend,
And aid my will to realize its end.

Closure: draw the proper hexagram





In classical magical practice a Jupiter ritual would be performed on the day and the hour of the planet, the first or nineth hour.of thursday. For practical reasons I wasn’t able to plan the ritual on such a day. I also decided to ‘go with the flow’ and not try to ffind and fix ‘the right date and time’, trusting Jupiter would provide me with whatever was needed. After I set the date and time (eastern Saturday), I drew up the chart for the event. Apart from the very prominent Jupiter placement on the Ascendant, the chart turned out to be coloured by a strong nineth principle, sun and chart ruler in the nineth house, stellium of planets in the nineth house. Also very prominent is the strong t-square of pluto with uranus and the moon (in which two other angles, MC and IC, are involved as well). Also there’s a grand trine between mercury, saturn and the Ascendant.

I invited my astrological friends. Of the twenty something people who were invited, one actually turned up. So it was a session of two. The ritual was conducted but there were also deviations from the program. Looking back there were some clear jupiterian aspects to the experience itself. For example the fact that it lasted twice as long as planned (6 hours). The other person who was present was a novice in astrology, during the session I explained many things to her about astrology and her personal birth chart.

After the event I ‘discovered’ it had taken place during an eclipsed moon.